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Billet Health is here to help you and your loved ones discover the sense of peace and fulfillment that each day can hold. We are here to provide support and care for persons in the last phases of a life limiting illness, so they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. We at V A Hospice believe that through appropriate care and promotion of a caring community, patients and family/caregivers will be free to attain a degree of mental preparation that is satisfying to them.

Our Hospice works under the direction of a physician, our team of clinicians offers a special kind of caring atmosphere that encompasses the medical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of treatment. Our goal is to ensure that the patient's remaining days are lived with dignity and respect.

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Our Hospice provides:

  • Expert clinical care with emphasis on pain and symptom management
  • Home medical equipment and medications related to the hospice diagnosis
  • Comprehensive bereavement program
  • Emotional support for patients and family members
  • Services for patients of all ages

With a team composed of:

  • Hospice Physicians
  • Hospice aides
  • Registered Nurses
  • Spiritual care coordinators
  • Physical, occupational & speech therapy
  • Specially trained volunteers

Who is eligible for hospice service?

Our services are available to patients and their family who have an advanced illness with a limited life-expectancy. Hospice care is designed to maximize quality, relationships and experiences at the end of a patient’s life. When a patient is told there is no further curative treatment, a referral to hospice should be made

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